Why did we launch project teemer?

A few years ago my wife told me that she hates refilling windscreen washer fluid due to the necessity of opening the bonnet to do so. After our research it turned out that many women dislike this activity. Our results are confirmed Volvo's YCC experiment carried out in 2004 by a group of women during the project "The car designed by women for women".



This car was shown in Geneva motor show and attracted great interest among visitors.


He was also shown on several other continents besides Europe and gathered good reviews.„Positive Media Response – Media reaction to the unique YCC has been overwhelmingly positive. Of a collected 3700 articles, 62 percent are positive…”





Among the main innovations only one point, to this day has not found a proper solution. The opportunity to refill the washer fluid in the vehicle without opening its bonnet. This solution was appreciated mainly by women, but, as pointed by Volvo, many men are willing to use it in their cars.

“Volvo's team of designing women might be a new idea, but it's not a particularly risky one. The company says in the U.S. women purchase 54 per cent of its cars. No company can afford to ignore that kind of buying power”.http://www.cbsnews.com/news/a-volvo-by-women-for-women/

Automechanika 2014 Fair in Frankfurtconfirmed our assumptions:

More than 90% of women viewers will be eager to have such device in their cars.

The suggestion to place inlet for windshield washer fluid next to gas inlet is convincing, more and more cars already have AdBlue inlet in this area. Three inlets in one place will make drivers’ lives easier, especially in newly-designed cars. The main advantage of our device is the fact that it can be installed not only in new, but also in majority of cars already present on the market.

Basic assumptions: a simple, affordable and intuitive device, with easy and non-invasive installation in existing cars. Due to the small amount of windshield washer distributorsavailable (only few stations) thedevice must have employed packaging available on the market. Our choice fell on Ecological DoypackPackaging, which are claimed to be the packagesof the future. They occupy less storage space than traditional glass or plastic containers- doypack takes as much space as the fluid stored in it. Doypack pouches can be reusable and their production consumes up to 70% less plastic than we use during the production of plastic bottles. Ecologically friendly doypack packages are widely available on Shell, some BP and Jet stations and in majority of supermarkets.

Thousands of tests, hundreds of alternative designs and concepts resulted in the creation of a whole family of valves bringing new quality to the field. Some of them are patent- pending and available to see on our website, some of them are still in development phase. A group of specialists had been working on our solutions and created the whole family of products under the name teemer- coming from word “teem”.