Portable bathroom in a single bag

s-teemer®is a universal, multipurpose, light &simple portable valve. Our solution may serve as a portable hand tap, a shower or a bidet (shattaf) in one pen-like device. You create a sanitary device with interchangeable nozzles extremely useful during travelling, work that requires being constantly on the move and wherever the access to sanitation is limited.

You can switch between different functions only by changing the nozzle. One of the major advantages of this device is providing efficient use of water- water flows only when we press shower head. Hand washing valve may be pedal operated, so you do not have to touch it with hands - a distinctive quality among portable valves.

We offer new quality in portable bathroom systems. S-teemer valve is a perfect complement to solar showers.

Various mounting options allow you to place the tap:

  • on steel elements like poles, fences, vehicles with magnetic holder,
  • on smooth surfaces (tiles, glass) with suction cups,
  • on trees, columns with hanger and tape straps.