Zdzisław Iwanejko, a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Mechanics on Warsaw University of Technology (currently Faculty of Mechatronics). He worked in Nencki AG Langenthal in Switzerland, where he took part in designing hydraulic systems, test site for Daimler Benz and an electric car for Swiss Post. He was an employee of Warsaw University of Technology in 1984-1990. The creator/co-creator of several patents and patent applications(e.g. PL158082B1, CH680240A5, DD284084A5, DE3920627A1, PCT/PL2014/050054, PCT/IB2014/001834). Between 1990 and 1991 gathered experience as a sales engineer in Codico (Perchtoldsdorf, Austria).

The founder of Iwanejko Electronics (the representative and distributor of many companies, including Sanyo Semiconductor, Mitel Semiconductor, South African Micro Electronics Systems). The greatest part of Iwanejko Electronics (mainly intangible assets) were sold in 1999 to the Scandinavian group Bergman &Beving Electronics A/S. Zdzisław Iwanejko was awarded the title of Mitel Semiconductor EMEA Distributor of the Year twice. He cooperated with Ernst&Young and KPMG in the transmission of rights and assets. Managing Director and Board Member in ACTE Components Sp. z o.o.

Between2002 and 2015 the representative of Lightmaze (Germany), Fiso (Canada) and Enfis (UK).

Zdzisław Iwanejko has vast knowledge and practice in the fields of hydraulics, mechanics, electronics and optoelectronics (has worked as a design engineer for many years). He is also experienced in product patenting processes and running a profitable business. The experience ranges from founding a start-up as a sole trader, business development for several years, to selling part of the company to a Scandinavian investor and functioning as a Managing Director and board member in the structures of an international concern.