Demineralized water

Why in doypack?

We offer demineralized water in doypack type containers. This type of packaging has a number of advantages. First of all, they are durable, leak-proof and handy in use (easy to refill and empty).They occupy less storage space than traditional glass or plastic containers- doypack takes as much space as the fluid stored in it. Doypack pouches can be reusable and their production consumes up to 70% less plastic than we use during the production of plastic bottles. Doypacks are created with care for the environment.

What is more, thanks to doypack package the contact of its content with the air is limited. The fluid does not aerate as in the case of storing in traditional containers such as bottles and canisters and does not lose its properties. Contact with the air is particularly undesirable in case of demineralized water because water absorbing pollutants from the air becomes saturated with carbon dioxide, which can change its pH value. In traditional bottle containers the large quantities of air with impurities enter while pouring out the water. Doypack packages make it possible to limit this process.

Demineralized water is devoid of any extraneous ions by their exchange for hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. It has a wide range of applications including its usage in laboratories, dental offices, aquariums, as well as in batteries, car batteries and irons.

Now we give you an overall solution, which is using demineralized water in doypacks together with our products allowing precise dosing (teemer). It considerably simplifies the process of water filling into the batteries, cooling systems, irons and other devices requiring the use of such water. Additionally, we offer a special clip-teemer handle thanks to which doypack packages are even easier to refill and empty.